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What Makes an Outstanding Leader?

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

From communication skills to vision casting traits, an outstanding leader can develop and flourish at any level.

In today’s world, outstanding leaders are needed now more than ever. Leaders set the tone for the entire team, so working on some key qualities of outstanding leaders will help not only you, but also your brand partners, get there quickly. The larger the team of outstanding leaders, the greater the impact. You may be surprised by some of the qualities that make outstanding leaders, so grab your pen and paper: you’re going to want to take some notes.

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10 Qualities of an Outstanding Leader

1. They communicate well.

With their members, their brand partners and through social media. The messages that leaders send are clear and concise no matter who they’re communicating with. This includes all means of communication- texting, emails, phone calls and in-person teaching events. When communicating with people within your business try to stay on topic, be positive, and avoid topics that don’t add value to the conversation.

2. They listen more than they talk.

On the flip side of communication is listening. Listening takes practice. It’s quite difficult to sit quiet while people vent, complain and share personal pieces of themselves. Listening is a way of showing others you value them. It requires connectedness to the person talking and lets that person know their words matter to you.

3. They’re solutions oriented.

Outstanding leaders don’t waste their time complaining. They don’t shy away from things that need fixing. Instead, they tackle issues head-on, in a timely manner and find a way to remedy the problem.

4. They’re always learning.

Whether they’re reading personal development books, listening to podcasts to help them scale their business or watching tutorials on how to make TikTok videos, outstanding leaders are on-going students. They're always working on themselves and their businesses.

5. They know how to vision-cast for themselves and their team.

Outstanding leaders aren’t halted by a bad month or even a bad year- they see the bigger picture. They’re the people who persevere despite any external circumstances. They’re not focused on the month- they’re focused on the next 10 years of their life and they help others on their team think the same way.

6. They build relationships.

Outstanding leaders learn to become great with all types of people because they understand the importance of relationships. They learn how to communicate, listen, hear the pain points and offer a solution by being authentically interested in the person. This not only builds a strong relationship, it creates life-long clients.

7. They outsource.

Not everyone will be great at every aspect of their business. Outstanding leaders recognize this and outsource the areas of their business that are not within their zone of genius. They see the value in not working certain areas of their business, because it allows them to have more time freedom to do the things they’re exceptional at.

8. They see failure as a gift.

Outstanding leaders won’t do it right all the time and they love that. They take risks and try new things. If it doesn’t work, they see it as an opportunity to improve, work on their skills or to be inspired to try something different.

9. They don’t make excuses.

Outstanding leaders are self-aware. They know how to spot excuses in their team and themselves and they work towards being accountable, not excuse-centred. They realize excuses are rooted in a limiting belief and they work through that. They lovingly help their team do the same.

10. They connect with their team often.

Outstanding leaders realize the value of community, so they create it within their organization. This might look like member appreciation nights, invitations to classes, online or in-person. Most importantly, they connect with their brand partners weekly, sharing content that helps them grow their business or get into the right mindset.

Don’t forget to register yourself for the free webinar on becoming an unstoppable leader here.

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