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Teaching Your Team to Talk About the Business

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Be honest with yourself for a moment and think back to a time when you were too afraid to share the business opportunity, or to even tell people you were running a network marketing business. I know I was pretty hesitant! For me to openly, proudly, and confidently share that I had aligned myself with network marketing, I had to fully understand the business model and how Young Living was different.

If you haven’t had your team read The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brook yet, do that! You can get a hardcopy on Amazon here: but I recommend the audio version, which you can listen to for free when you sign up for an Audible account trial.

The Four Year Career is the first piece of literature I share with my new builders because it’s pivotal to understanding why this model is the business model of the future.

Why is this important? Duplication and confidence of course! If you have team members who are new to network marketing or who lack confidence in explaining it, this is the book that will build their confidence and belief in the business model. If I hadn’t read this book, I probably wouldn’t have been able to share about the business and teach business classes within my first month of starting.

Teaching your team to feel confident about their Young Living business right off the bat will lead to them starting off their business with other business builders in tow.

After your entire team has read this book, I encourage you to talk specifically about why Young Living is the business to be in!

Consider having an open-to-the-public online or in-person class to talk about the business. Our team does this every month as a way to invite those who are curious, those who are all-in, and those who are new but want to understand the perks of a Young Living business.

Download this guide here to learn key points to share with your new and prospective builders (I teach this time and time again as refreshers for existing, longer term builders too.)



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