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March Wellness, Delivered

Alright, I cashed in some serious points this month with my Young Living rewards points and got 90% of this stuff for free, so let me break it all down for you and share the wellness goodies I had delivered to my door this month.


If you’re not familiar with Young Living’s rewards program, it’s simply the optional monthly ordering system that gives you points back on your account. You can add it any time, cancel it any time and there’s never a fee associated with it. You never pay for a Young Living account, ever.

The rewards program not only gives me 25% back in points but I also get exclusively bundles, discounted shipping, free products monthly and annually for doing my orders this way. It’s the easiest way for me to save time and money.

Grab this free downloadable guide that I recommend you use as a template if you’re trying to slowly and economically switch out toxins in your home for safe alternatives.

Here’s what I got:

Savvy Minerals Foundation

This is my MAC replacement. It’s a lightweight, buildable foundation that feels breathable on my skin. I recommend using the Savvy Minerals Foundation brush with it. For a more mattified look, use the Savvy Minerals powder foundation. (I use warm 2 for reference.) I love the powder over top of the foundation and concealer to lock my makeup into place for longer wear.

Clarifying Lavender Mint Shampoo

This is the newly formulated shampoo and conditioner that helps reduce excess oil, build-up from environmental pollutants and products. The key with any natural shampoo is to shampoo twice and condition once.

Art Skincare Line

This skincare bundle is one of my favourites to recommend to people with sensitive skin. If you want skincare basics that focus on reducing redness, swelling and fine lines but is super gentle, this is the line for you. My skin is highly sensitive and I’ve been able to use the Art line without any issues. I love that it comes in this set to simplify skincare for those of us who aren’t skincare experts.

Thieves Laundry Soap

This is the soap we use that’s safe for us, the environment and won’t damage my septic system. I like it because it’s not scented, I get 3 bottles from 1 bottle and it’s really effective. I have a video here on the differences between laundry soap and laundry detergent.

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste

The orange essential oil that’s in the whitening toothpaste gives it whitening properties but the hydroxyapatite (HA) in here make it a rockstar product in my opinion. HA is what make up your tooth enamel, dentin, and cementum. This naturally occurring mineral gives your teeth and bones their hard and strong quality. But did you know that plaque, as well as foods high in sugar and acidic drinks, can negatively affect your teeth? You can maintain your oral health and reduce the risk of enamel erosion by using toothpaste that contains hydroxyapatite. This one is suitable for the whole family, my kids prefer this one to the kids-specific toothpaste.


AllerZyme is a huge support tool when it comes to respiratory needs. This enzyme complex is specifically designed for individuals with dietary or environmental allergies! Take one capsule up to three times daily before a meal or as desired. AllerZyme works best for pollen support when you start it a few days or a week before the acute needs rise if possible. If you know it’s coming, start giving your body support as early as possible. Found in the USA Catalogue of products. Canadians to order, simply switch the Canadian flag to the USA flag into your virtual office to gain access -- you can use your Loyalty points to receive for free too, just like I did!

Thieves Mouthwash

Thieves Mouthwash is my fave for an invigorating clean that’s free from harsh alcohol, fluoride, harmful antimicrobial agents and artificial dyes or flavours and is infused with our signature Thieves premium essential oil blend. It contains Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils for minty-fresh breath; Quillaja saponaria bark extract loosens buildup in hard-to-reach areas and neutralizes odours caused by bad breath and colloidal silver which has been used for thousands of years to prevent microbial infections.

Orange Blossom Charcoal Soap

The Charcoal Bar Soap is great to keep in the shower if you're prone to body breakouts and under your pits to help neutralize odours. Charcoal acts as a binding agent, so it will bind to bad bacteria and toxins which cause odour. This is also a great soap to use if you’re coming off of anti-perspirants and want some additional support removing the aluminum safely and quickly.

Seedlings Baby Wipes

We use wool dryer balls with oils on them in our house, but sometimes the static can cause problems (especially in the winter), so I will toss a Seedling’s Baby Wipe in the dryer with wet clothes and it works like a charm! Smells fresh, no toxins and gets rid of the static too!

They can also be used as a makeup remover, a hand cleaner/body refresher and I love using these to wipe down my car quickly before friends jump in.

Purification Essential Oil

Purification is an antiseptic blend of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca, lavender and myrtle essential oils. As the name implies, this oil is wonderful for purifying the air, neutralizing odours and cleansing cuts, scrapes, bug bites, pimples and more. As the weather warms up and bugs start to come out, I like adding it to our diffusers and keeping them outside with us on the patio.

Savvy Minerals Summer Loved Bronzer

This is my daily contour secret. I find it very easy to work with, forgiving and subtle but buildable. I use it to help carve out cheekbones and define a smaller forehead and jawline. In the warmer months I’ll add some across my chest, on my arms and even legs for a light touch of warmth to my skin.

Thieves Spray

This spray is a travel must-have, even if you’re just travelling to the grocery store. I always have one on hand in the car for times I need to quickly clean a surface. Here are some ways you can use it: clean kids toys; wipe down cutting boards; sanitize public washrooms; wash fruits and veggies; freshen shoes, gym/hockey bags; clean air plane arm rests and serving trays; spray room to remove musty or heavy food odours; sanitize hands; wipe down door handles + light switches; spray down a yoga mat.

Ningxia Red

This is our daily liquid supplement that helps keep our cells healthy. It’s also a bit of a beauty secret too! This stuff is great for your skin because of the benefits it offers our cellular health. It’s a puree filled with water soluble antioxidants plus essential oils, which have fat soluble antioxidants. It's the only antioxidant drink on the market that contains both water soluble and fat soluble antioxidants.

KidScents MightyPro

MightyPro is a unique, synergistic blend of prebiotics and probiotics in a supplement specially formulated for children, but adults can take too! You simply open the packet and the child can put it directly in their mouth or you can add it to a beverage, making this a great option for babies and children who aren’t yet swallowing capsules. If your kids are picky, and they aren’t eating naturally fermented foods which contain probiotics, this is a good one to give them daily.

Golden Turmeric

Golden Turmeric combines the benefits of high-quality turmeric and prebiotics to support your body’s natural response to inflammation, immune response, joint health, mobility, and recovery after exercise. I just tried it and I liked it best when I added it sparkling water with ice.

Shutran 3-in-1 Wash

This one is for all the minimalist people, mainly the fellas who use one product for everything. It’s best to use one that’s formulated specifically for that, and this is it. It’s a masculine smelling blend of oils that promote feelings of confidence. It’s my favourite scent on my husband.

KidScents Lotion

For kids that have dry skin or eczema this would be ideal. It contains safe, gentle ingredients to moisturize and soften sensitive skin. The premium blend of MSM, shea butter, aloe vera, and pure Cedarwood, Geranium, and other essential oils supports healthy-looking skin for children of all ages.

Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream

Sandalwood is such a beautiful essential oil- it’s grounding, stabilizing, relaxing and it has many benefits for the skin including helping with wrinkles, scarring or acne.


Amino Wise uses three blends for one powerful result: The Muscle Performance blend aids muscle building and repair, the Recovery blend helps reduce muscle fatigue, and the Hydration Mineral blend replenishes important minerals lost during exercise. For any athlete or yogi in the house, this is a much healthier option to replenish the body compared to something like a powerade or gatorade.

Cel-Lite Magic

Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin. Between 80 - 90% of women will experience cellulite. So let’s talk about the issue. We know that toxins are stored in fat. So what we are going after in this cellulite detox is getting rid of the petrochemicals which store up in those fat cells so while that area is important to focus on and should be your number one approach, it’s also helpful to have a topical aid that can reduce its visibility, like this oil.

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