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Learn From Me Content vs. Look at Me Content

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Social media is one of the channels many of us are focusing on for growing our businesses in this current season of life.

Since Q1 of 2020 we had to quickly shift from doing in-person events and classes to sharing Young Living through social media. Social media may not be new to all of us but the way we connect with and serve our audience is now a central focus of not only growing but sustaining your business.

There are 2 specific types of content that ‘influencers’ (that includes you!) are creating on their social media platform(s). There’s LEARN FROM ME content and LOOK AT ME content.

What is LEARN FROM ME content?

This is the content that you deliver to your audience to build trust by providing value.

What is LOOK AT ME content?

This is the content you create that is focused more on you than your audience.

Here’s how the 2 types of content shows up in your Young Living businesses:

LOOK AT ME: “The Premium Starter Bundle is on sale."

LEARN FROM ME: “Here are 3 oils that can help you improve your digestive health."

LOOK AT ME: “I launched my Young Living business."

LEARN FROM ME: “Here are 5 things I learned in my first month of working with Young Living.”

LOOK AT ME: “Life 9 probiotic is the best!”

LEARN FROM ME: “This is why I started giving my family Life 9 every evening before bed…’s what improved for us."

See the difference…or should I say, feel the difference?

Value comes from sharing content that your audience can learn from to enhance their lives in some way or by listening to a story you’re telling.

The next time you go to post something, whether it’s through stories or on your feed, consider whether or not you’re delivering LEARN FROM ME content. This is the area you want to be in the majority of the time!

If you need help coming up with LEARN FROM ME content, check out this freebie I created just for you! It contains 20 examples of LEARN FROM ME content that you can use in your Young Living business.

Download the freebie here.

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