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Increasing Your Confidence as a Leader

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Show me any successful woman in business and I’ll show you a woman who’s gone through the personal development it takes to become a confident woman.

If a lack of self-confidence is something you struggle with, you’re not alone.

Many women struggle to find their voice, to be vulnerable, to be real, to be honest, to step into their power.

Confidence is a natural gift very few women are born with. You’ve likely encountered a time in your life when your confidence was seen as a negative thing. Women, historically, have been told to sit down, be quiet, look pretty, be seen and not heard. Not to mention the constant marketing and advertising by corporations who tell women they’re inadequate, not worthy and not good enough…unless their product is purchased. There’s an entire system that could be held responsible for the lack of self-confidence women experience today. However, you can unsubscribe to that narrative right now, because gaining confidence is about reclaiming your power and stepping into it.

My friend, I’m here to tell you today that it’s time to break free and break through.

And when those breakthroughs happen, that’s where the magic unfolds.

If you want to increase your confidence as a leader, the biggest piece of advice I can offer you is this: just take action. Take actionable baby steps each day.

  • offer your downline free resources

  • offer your brand partners free resources

  • invite your brand partners to create an on boarding system with you

  • share the compensation plan

  • announce your business venture to your friends, family and social media following

  • connect your brand partners to a business exclusive facebook group

  • comb through your downline; look for people who are close to rank, who are structurally set-up for their next rank, reach out to support them

  • host a team call

  • teach a business class

Want more on creating confidence? Download the free guide for 5 Things Confident Women Do.



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