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Fall Diffuser Recipes for Your Home

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Fall everything is upon us! With cozy sweaters now needed, leaves changing their colours, the warm days getting shorter and lattes becoming everyones drink of choice, it’s time to make time spent at home, inviting, relaxing and hygge.

Make your space feel ambient by putting your diffuser on the candle-flicker mode. Run it on the 10-hour intermittent cycle to keep it going all day or night long to enjoy subtle aromas that are not only enjoyable to smell but also good for everyone in the home.

Here are 6 fall blends you can start diffusing in your home, today! You can also download my free fall diffuser blend recipes here PLUS a fall SOS diffuser recipe for the onset of feeling under the weather.

Fall Harvest

4 drops vanilla

2 drops clove

2 drops northern lights black spruce

1 drop davana

1 drop tangerine

Umber Leaves

3 drops pine

2 drops eucalyptus

1 drop cedar wood

1 drop nutmeg


4 drops orange

3 drops vanilla

2 drops cinnamon

1 drop clove

1 drop stress away

Hygee Evening

4 drops cinnamon

3 drops clove

3 drops peace and calming

2 drops pine

1 drop cardamom

1 drop nutmeg


4 drops valor

3 drops vanilla

2 drops orange


4 drops bergamot

3 drops cinnamon

2 drops vanilla

1 drop northern light black spruce

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