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certified holistic nutritionist,

mom, wife & recovering stress-aholic


Hey!  I'm Leigh McSwan,  a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a background in Psychology. I graduated from Trent University in Peterborough Ontario in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in science. Two weeks after I graduated I was back in the classroom, studying nutrition. I graduated from The Toronto Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2009. I love learning and consider myself a lifelong student.


Today, I’m a homeschooling Mom of 2 wild and free boys, ages 9 & 11. We take an 'unschooling' approach to homeschooling which means I let the kids self-direct their learning- they are the co-creators of their education. We spend a ton of time outside in nature, exploring the world around us which sparks curiosity and a desire to learn. 


For the past 12 years I've helped families live and eat better. I've worked in private practice, in a gym and have founded and co-founded several nutrition businesses. Now, having children at home 24/7 and choosing a business that allows me to stay home with them, I've been able to design a life and business that works with our family. 


Today, I help women, like you, overcome the stress cycle, naturally. I take a very holistic approach to the stress and stressors we, as women, face daily. I encompass many different natural approaches from nutraceutical supplementation, herbal remedies, essential oil use, non toxic products, whole foods and easy daily practices to help empower you to regain your life.

I’m here to  inspire you, educate you and walk with you through living a holistic stress-free lifestyle.

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